• 8Ah £1,695

• 15Ah £1795

• 30Ah £1995 (double battery)

Price includes 1 year warranty in UK, next day delivery, complimentary tool kit and retractable keyring

Colour Choice Left to Right: Purple: Blue: Red: Black
Choice of single or double battery
New (June 2024) and improved flared mudguard and stand
Complimentary retractable keyring with every order
Complimentary tookit with every order

Test videos of the new C7 are linked below

Currently we have two 15Ah batteries and one 8Ah flight battery in stock here in the UK, meaning you could place an order for your preferred C7 and have it sent to the UK, Air Express where it will have it’s battery attached and sent on to you next day delivery, so will be with you in about two weeks after cleared payment.

C7 Trike (Single 8Ah Battery)

C7 Trike (Single 15Ah Battery)

C7 Trike (Twin 15Ah Batteries)

Spare Single 15Ah battery

Spare Single Flight Battery

Choice: Toolkit

Choice: Retractable Keyring


Colour Choice: RED

Colour Choice: BLACK

Colour Choice: BLUE

Colour Choice: PURPLE

New style of connector shown below for rigid front wheelchairs, can be disconnected from frame of trike thus lowering the weight you have to lift into your vehicle.

Photos below also show solid mudguard stand now replaced by flared front wheel mudguard and stand which removes easily for car transport

Removeable Squared Connector for rigid front of frame chairs
Removeable Squared Connector for rigid front of frame chairs


• 400 Watt Panasonic Motor

• 4 colours available – black, blue, red & purple

• Single 36v/15Ah battery

• 14″ wheel (pneumatic)

• 18mph max speed

• 30 miles max range (single battery)

• 8.75 kilo weight (without batteries)

• Connectors for rigid or folding chairs

• Waterproof controller

• Double disc brakes

• USB charging port


• 400 watt Panasonic motor •

• 4 colours available – black, blue, red & purple 

• Double 36v/15Ah battery •

• 14″ wheel (pneumatic) •

• 18mph max speed •

• 30 miles max range (single battery)

• 8.75 kilo weight (without batteries)

• Connectors for rigid or folding chairs •

• Waterproof controller •

• Double disc brakes •

• USB charging port •

Price of C7 single 8Ah ‘flight’ battery trike

– £1,695 in total


Price of the C7 single 15Ah battery trike

 – £1,795 in total.


Price of the C7 double 15Ah battery trike

– £1,995 in total.


Price for spare 15Ah battery – £295


Price for spare 8Ah ‘flight’ 288 Wh battery – £250


Price of Air Express freight – £300

I know some of you wish you could get your hands on your power add-on yesterday, so to speak, and so, I’ve got around the problem of the tightening of the laws surrounding the flying of battery-powered items over a certain rating, which meant you had the wait of sea shipping, which could take 8 weeks or more – I keep a few C1 and C7 batteries sent by sea in stock.

So, as soon as you order a C1 or C7, after it is built which takes about a week, I will have the bare unit sent Air Express (costing £230 extra and taking 5 days) and once with me, I will insert the battery and send by next-day courier to you – Ta Da!

If the wait isn’t a problem and you want to save the £230 express air freight cost, we will send you a ‘courtesy’ trike (if available),  to put some power at your fingertips while you wait for your own order to arrive on your doorstep, and we will arrange collection of the one you have had on loan.


Click on the icon above to go to the Country Corner YouTube channel.

The C7 comes with a 1-year UK warranty and connectors for either rigid or folding wheelchair.

Even after your warranty expires, we can service and repair your unit

We occasionally have demo stock for sale at a discounted price but still with a 1-year warranty.

Message us with any further questions or to place an order on the next shipment.