Watch ‘The Boat Come In’

Container Ship Gdynia's position on 12th June 2024 - Next stop Felixstowe ETA 7th July
Fantastic News! The ships are now going through the Red Sea!

Our current ‘sea cork’, the container ship Gdynia’s position on 5th June 2024 – on it’s way to Singapore – click on above wee ship to see current satellite position

PIRATE ALERT! (yes you heard right!)

Due to pirates in the Red Sea, all shipping is detouring down around South Africa which adds 11 days to the usual shipping time of 40 days.

We apologise but this is obviously out of our control.

Arrived, tested, reboxed and with their new owners. New order in the pipeline now.

The Kilimanjaro docked at Felixstowe on 20th April 2024 – now waiting for Customs clearance and delivery to me and then we will forward onto customers

Kilimanjaro’s position on 29 March 2024 – ships still having to detour down around Africa due to pirates in the Red Sea, adding 11 days to the journey

Our current ‘sea cork’, the container ship Kilimanjaro – as of 20 March 2024 – nearing Singapore – click on ship to see current satellite position

Ever Alot made it across the Channel to Felixstowe.

The shipping container, Ever Alot is chugging it’s way to the UK – a very busy route

The Ever Alot below with all the other marine traffic removed and showing you it’s next destination – Singapore.

The Atlantic Ocean has now docked at Felixstowe (7th October), Customs next and then starting the onwards journey by road and eventually to customers.

Our most recent shipment left Hong Kong on the CSCL ARCTIC OCEAN having gone by road from Shanghai and docked at Felixstowe at 1:51 on 5th July. Photos below show the voyage.

The Arctic Ocean docked at 1:51am today, 5 July, Felixstowe. Now customs, road haulage to me, checking over the goodies and forwarding to the excited customers.
4th July - Final leg!
3 July 2023
2 July 2023
Route forecast on 29 June 2023 - in the Med
26 June 2023 - Arctic Ocean is in the Red Sea, nearing the Suez Canal
16 June 2023 - route forecast - heading for the Suez Canal
Route Forecast
The shipment started by road from Shanghai to Hong Kong

The Cosco Shipping Galaxy landed at Felixstowe on 25th May 2023.

The 'eagle' has landed! Next stop for the add-ons is my doorstep then on to the customers!
Cosco Galaxy's position on 25 May 2023 @ 7:30 and due into Felixstowe at 13:30
Cosco Galaxy on the home straight, 24 May 2023 @ 13:30
Position of the Cosco Galaxy on 22nd May 2023 @ 19:45
Position of the Cosco Galaxy on 21st May 2023 @ 21:55
Position of the Cosco Galaxy on 19th May 2023 @ 20:36
Position of the Cosco Galaxy on 18th May 2023 @ 20:23