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• All Profit From Sales Furthers Our Charitable Aims •

There is currently a delay in sea shipping, usually taking 40 days on the water, due to pirates (yes you heard right) in the Red Sea, resulting in vessels re-routing down around Africa.


As a not-for-profit social enterprise our goal is to keep raising money that will fund our charitable aims – our current aim is to purchase a small pony lorry that can wear two ‘hats’ – it can carry our miniature therapy horses to care homes and events and can also carry our small ‘herd’ of power add-ons to test-drive locations.

Our power add-ons fit to most folding or rigid frame chairs. 

Our range  are not kept in stock but are all built to order, taking about 7 days if all parts are in stock.

The ones where you cannot remove the battery (C6 and C-Drive) or are outsize, like the Hybrid are then shipped by sea taking approximately 40 days on the water, the C1 and C7, with removable batteries, can be flown as we usually hold a stock of those batteries here.

Air Express takes about 7 days after the build is completed but please check that we have your type of battery in stock before completing check-out and paying for Air Express.

If we don’t have your battery type in stock, we have a couple of ‘courtesy car’ trikes that we can send to you to give you some power at your fingertips while you wait for your own trike to arrive after taking the slow route from China via sea.

Once with us, all power add-ons are checked over, test run and forwarded by courier to you on next day delivery.

So, for the C1 and C7, (if we have batteries in stock) from you sending payment and the placing of the order, to receiving your power add-on, takes about two weeks.

For orders coming over via ship, from you sending payment and the placing of your order, to receiving your power add-on, takes about six to eight weeks.

Both of these estimates are as long as there is no delay in the supply of parts to the factory, weather and Customs, so we cannot guarantee these time scales but usually, things run on time.

You get a 1-year warranty with us here in the UK and we carry a selection of spares.

C6 here with Somerely House rear Ringwood, Hampshire in the background

Click on each photo to get more info and prices.

Coming Soon!

C3 - 1000w, suspension, 48v 18Ah double battery, 13" wheel
C2 - 300w, 36v 7.5Ah flight reg, 8" solid tyre
C7 PLUS - wider tyre, new display and connectors

Maximum speed and range of any power add-on is dependent on rider weight and terrain covered

TrikesEye View

Views while out and about on the Trikes

Visitors very welcome to our corner of the beautiful Dorset countryside, fondly called, The Country Corner, by appointment only.

Click here to go Country Corner Cycles sister page, The Country Corner, where our aim is to fundraise for a small pony lorry to enable us to recommence our visits to care homes and events with our American miniature horses which is super therapy whatever your age and ability.

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All involved in our not-for-profit social enterprise Country Corner Cycles, work voluntarily and we don’t factor in ‘free’ home visits to our prices, so these savings can be passed on to our customers.

Hope to hear from you soon

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Note from the founder of Country Corner Cycles, Joanna Birley:


“I don’t sell any power add-on that I haven’t personally tried and in some cases, nearly abused in extreme weather conditions and ground conditions around the farm and country trails and out and about with my miniature therapy horses, so that I can vouch for their reliability and handling so that you can buy in confidence with the added assurance of a year’s parts and labour warranty back with me at Country Corner Cycles.

You can view some of my add-on antics on my YouTube channel.”

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