“There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving”

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For many people faced with negotiating their life using a manual wheelchair, it results in many restrictions due to either not having the power or energy to push for hours and if you do, you are doing damage to your shoulders that were not designed to be used as your legs.

This is where a power add-on enters the picture.

These fantastic devices, attach to the front or rear of a manual wheelchair and give the user the power they need to travel further.

The use of these power add-ons also make those little things possible like holding the hand of a dear one, whether partner or family member and especially a small child, as you power with one hand which also keeps you steering and frees up a hand to hold another hand or even carry a hot drink safely without spilling it.

Some people facing life in a wheelchair have been lucky enough to have insurance compensation or belong to the military ‘family’ where there are big funding avenues for them to tap into.

Some are fortunate enough to find a benefactor or person who raises money on their behalf.

But there are many people who have nowhere to turn for help with the cost of these power add-ons.

This is why the Country Corner is now establishing a fund that those that find themselves with no funding avenues to tap into or have tried and failed to find funding can turn to.

There will be regular crowd-funds, with live links posted here and on our Facebook pages, you can choose to donate to just one specific person’s story or to the fund in general, where the Trustees of the charity will distribute the funds to the next applicant that qualifies.

Once the fund is up and running their will be an application page for those needing financial support.


Country Corner Foundation

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