Price of the C-HYBRID: £2,250


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• 250 watt motor

• 36v/8Ah battery

• 16″ wheel

• 13mph max speed

• 15 miles max range

The C-Hybrid comes with a 1-year UK warranty and a choice of connectors for either rigid or folding wheelchairs.

Even after your warranty expires, we can service and repair your unit.

C-Hybrid Price: £2,250

Our add-ons are built to order, taking about ten days and then will take about 30 days on the water and after clearing UK customs and delivery to me will be checked over and forwarded to you by next day delivery which is included in the price.

You get a 1-year warranty with us here in the UK and we carry a selection of spares.

We occasionally have stock for sale.

We occasionally have demo stock for sale at a discounted price but still with a 1-year warranty.

Message us with any further questions or to place an order on the next shipment.