Empowering those wheeling through life

All Profit From Sales Furthers Our Charitable Aims

At our small corner of the beautiful Dorset countryside you will find a selection of power add-ons  that are available for trial around a variety of terrain.

Our first goal is to raise enough money to fund transport to get our power add-ons and other popular makes of trike to events around the UK, so that potential trikers can try a variety of trikes in one place and help them choose the best for their needs and pocket.

Our second goal is to raise enough money to be able to loan people, facing life in a manual wheelchair, with a powered trike, the smallest in our range but don’t be fooled by it’s size, you basically have 300 watts strapped to a broomstick! – a great way to add a bit of speed and ease to your new lifestyle and in seven different colours!

Our smallest trike, called the Q6, is light enough to lift into a car from your chair, battery within regulations to fly, solid front tyre so no punctures, three speeds, top speed of 15mph, range of 25 miles. The perfect mini power companion.

Specification sheet for the Trikes and Drive below.

Price for the Q12 and Q9: £1,500

Recent Stock's Journey Across The 'High Seas'

The Umm Qarn container ship docked at Southampton on the 26th October 2020 having left Shanghai on the 17th September.

NEXT ORDER: January 2021 for February delivery of non-stock items.

IN STOCK: Q6 in green and rose gold in stock for next day delivery

 The bespoke trike transport, we are currently fundraising for, will have an accessible toilet and small kitchen, so it can be parked anywhere and be independent of any event we attend, meaning, for the rambles planned along coastal paths and country trails, we can stage our event according to the best setting, not where the nearest accessible toilet is.

TrikesEye View

Views while out and about on one of the Q-trikes

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Visitors very welcome to our corner of the beautiful Dorset countryside, fondly called, The Country Corner.

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and see the other projects we have in the pipeline.

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All involved in our not-for-profit social enterprise, work voluntarily and we don’t factor in ‘free’ home visits to our prices, so these savings can be passed on to our customers.

Hope to hear from you soon!

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